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Classification of roots blower

Jan. 12, 2018

Roots blower according to the different way of working can be roughly divided into single stage and double stage, of which only a compressor stage blower, we call it a single stage blower, and the two single stage blower series, blower of compressed gas for two consecutive times we call it double blower.

Classification of roots blower

According to the head number of impeller: two lotzer blower and three lobe roots blower;

According to use: kiln blower, gasification blower, aeration blower, etc.;

According to the type of media: air blower, gas blower, hydrogen blower, sulfur dioxide blower, etc.

According to the transmission mode: direct air blower and fan blower, etc.;

According to the cooling mode: air cooling blower, water cooling blower and countercurrent cooling blower, etc.

According to the structure type: vertical blower, horizontal blower, vertical shaft blower, dense group of blower, etc.

According to seal type: labyrinth seal, ring seal, packing seal, mechanical seal and other type of blower.


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