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Application of Dacheng Blower in Landfill Gas Collection Technology

Mar. 18, 2019

Sanitary landfill treatment of domestic waste is currently the most commonly used treatment in China. After the domestic garbage is landfilled, it will produce landfill gas (or biogas, LFG) with methane and carbon dioxide as the main components. Landfill gas can cause very large hazards without proper collection and discharge treatment:

Application of Dacheng Blower in Landfill Gas Collection Technology

1. Landfill gas will accumulate in the landfill, leak out, spread or migrate in the soil, which will easily cause the garbage heap to collapse and cause harm and adverse effects to the surrounding environment and human health.

2. When methane reaches a certain concentration, it will cause explosion and fire; it may also cause the groundwater hardness to rise;

3. Emission and diffusion of methane from landfill gas into the atmosphere can cause landfills and surrounding plants to die due to lack of nutrients in the root zone and aggravate global warming;

4. Traces of toxic gases in landfill gas cause damage to human major organs.

On the other hand, since the methane content in biogas is generally about 50%, its calorific value is about half that of natural gas, which is equivalent to that of city gas, and is a resource that can be recycled. However, landfills generally use air-to-air emissions to eliminate potential safety hazards, which in addition to wasting resources, has a negative impact on the environment and public health.

Therefore, the collection and utilization of biogas in the municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment plant has become a key environmental protection project.

 Application of Dacheng Blower in Landfill Gas Collection Technology

As the shortage of energy and resources becomes more and more serious, people are paying more and more attention to the renewable resources of landfill gas. Landfill gas can be effectively utilized as long as the landfill has certain conditions. At present, the commonly used landfill gas reuse methods are as follows:

1. As a boiler fuel

2, used to generate electricity

3. For industrial or civil gas

4, for car gas

5. Leachate evaporated fuel

6. Other methods include manufacturing fuel cells, formaldehyde products and light diesel oil.

 Application of Dacheng Blower in Landfill Gas Collection Technology

The waste gas generated by the landfill is pumped out to the application site by a multi-stage centrifugal blower (suction blower). The operation is continuously operated 24 hours a day throughout the year, reducing the pollution of the air. The biogas collection rate of the domestic waste comprehensive treatment plant can reach 60~80%, reaching the international advanced level. Dacheng blower, trustworthy!

Application of Dacheng Blower in Landfill Gas Collection Technology

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