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The development of Roots blower in China

Dec. 07, 2017

The development of Roots blower in China

The Roots blowers were discovered in 1849 by the British, and later Roots Brothers was widely recognized and applied because the Roots brothers applied for the Roots trademark, some countries of Europe and United States called it "Rotary blower", is a volumetric constant flow of air transmission equipment.
Roots blower pressure is greater, the flow loss will become larger, so the choice of high-pressure blower, the optional high flow of the Roots blower. Roots blower noise, especially with the rise in pressure and rise, at present, the best means of noise control is to add noise cover for the blower; Roots blower with a forced blast characteristics, when the customer needs high pressure And the required flow stability, Roots blower is preferred.
China's first production Roots blower time is 1947, by the "China Diesel Engine Company" production, because the technical reasons can not be done at the same time a blower can blast and ventilation, so can only be used for the blast "Roots blower", can only be used for ventilation called "Roots vacuum pump". In the eighties of last century, China in order to exercise the standardization of the industry and the product of the strategy of universal, by the Ministry of Machinery will be the domestic production Roots blower manufacturers organized, set up a joint design team, re-developed the specific Roots Structure and size, called the new L series Roots blower. But with the mid-nineties, China's introduction of Japan's Roots blower production technology, thus, the domestic Roots blower market gradually into the diversification, and fierce competition track!

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