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How to distinguish the water cooling structure of roots blower

Nov. 15, 2018

Water cooling structure of roots blower


Roots blower oil cooling and water cooling, oil cooling and wind cooling. Most of the fan is air-cooled, roots blower when the pressure is higher than 60 kpa and blower speed higher than 1000 turn above, blower consider water cooling device, with a water cooling structure more complicated than air cooling blower, fan to have circulating water pipe connection, roots blower with water at the same time, in the winter, the blower in the timely release to stop after the fan to circulating water in water tank, avoid water tank frost crack damage of blower.


Cooling principle of roots blower


Generally, the Roots blower with a pressure of 58kpa can be air-cooled. When the pressure is greater than this value, water cooling is generally required, that is, a Roots blower with a water-cooling system, which uses the circulating flow of water to cool the bearing and the casing. If the temperature of the delivered medium is high, a condenser can be added to cool down.


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