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Notes for the roots blower

Jan. 12, 2018

The rotzer fan is a positive displacement fan, so the air volume will not change after the operation, and the current pressure will also be able to carry on air transportation.

Notes for the roots blower

Roots blower after using for a long time, the air volume change, more for air volume decreases, and the main reason is caused, impeller and impeller clearance, impeller, the impeller and casing and wall space has changed, causing internal leakage increase, roots blower, in turn, affects the air volume.

In order to guarantee the normal work of the roots blower, fan of other components also played a very important role, such as bearings, gears, etc., work with components appeared abnormal failure, the fan operation will have a big impact.Therefore, in the later use of maintenance, not only the important components are carefully maintained, but other coordination components also need to be maintained regularly!

The working principle of roots blower is very simple, auxiliary some pictures, we can have clean on its working principle of cognitive, the working principle of roots blower in understanding, first of all, to master the basic structure, and then to grasp its operation principle, so that it can very good master the working principle of roots blower.

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