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Operation Cost Composition of Sewage Treatment Plant

Jun. 14, 2019

Operation Cost Composition of Sewage Treatment Plant

(1) Electricity cost: The most energy-consuming equipment in sewage treatment enterprises includes various types of pumps, oxygen supply equipment such as blowers and sludge concentration and dewatering equipment. The cost of power consumption is about 0.145-0.358 yuan/cubic sewage.


(2) Pharmaceutical cost: Most of the pharmaceuticals used in sewage treatment plant are polyacrylamide used in sludge dewatering machine or ferric chloride and calcium oxide used in sludge plate and frame filter press dewatering. The cost of different sludge treatment equipment is as follows:


The sludge dewaterer uses cationic polyacrylamide as the agent, and the cost of flocculant is 0.018-0.0216 yuan/cubic sewage.


Drug cost for dewatering sludge of plate and frame filter press is 0.021-0.0252 yuan/cubic sewage.


(3) Cost of overhaul of facilities and equipment: mainly refers to the special fund for overhaul of fixed assets such as facilities and equipment of sewage treatment plants. The fixed assets repair cost of sewage treatment enterprises is about 0.0594-0.0931 yuan/cubic sewage.


(4) Maintenance cost of facilities and equipment: Mainly used for spare parts of fixed assets, low-value consumable and regular maintenance and repair costs of fixed assets, including maintenance of automatic control systems, strong inspection of measuring instruments, preventive testing of electrical equipment and materials used for daily maintenance, etc. The maintenance cost of sewage treatment enterprises is about 0.0174~0.0466 yuan/cubic sewage.


(5) Disinfection cost: refers to the disinfection of effluent from sewage treatment plant. Taking potassium bisulfate disinfectant as an example, the disinfection cost is 0.046-0.0575 yuan/cubic sewage.


(6) Cost of sludge disposal: At present, sludge disposal methods in China mainly include landfill, composting, drying, incineration, building materials and other ways. The cost of sludge disposal varies greatly among different ways. According to relevant data, the cost of sludge disposal is 0.03-0.12 yuan/cubic sewage.


(7) Cost of personnel wages and benefits: According to the assessment criteria of operation and management of municipal sewage treatment plants in Jiangsu Province, the cost of personnel wages can be calculated to be 0.037-0.449 yuan/cubic sewage.


(8) Enterprise management cost: office and service expenses incurred by sewage treatment enterprises for organizing and managing enterprises. The cost of management fee is 0.0037-0.0449 yuan per cubic meter of sewage, calculated at 10% of the cost of staff salary.


(9) Other costs, including water resources consumption of various structures, ponds, sludge treatment equipment, test and inspection fees for sewage and sludge, and greening fees for sewage treatment enterprises, are about 0.010-0.015 yuan per cubic meter of sewage.

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