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Precautions for use of roots blower

Jan. 15, 2018

1, bearing of the fan at normal temperature is 70 ℃ or less, if once rising to 70 ℃, with electric control should (would) call the police.At this time, should find the reason, first check the cooling water is normal?Is the bearing oil level normal?

2. During the driving, parking or operation of the fan, the abnormal phenomenon should be checked immediately.

3. After the first operation of the fan for a month, replace the lubricating oil (fat).

Attention of fan

Common fault cement industry fan working medium often contains a certain amount of different sizes, different shapes of the same body particles, such as the dust removal system of the fan, the blower.Because the fan is working in the dust in the air, the air flow of dust particles as well as wear and tear on the fan, and fan blades on adhesion formation, and the wear and dust are uneven.Therefore, the balance of the fan rotor is damaged, which causes the fan to vibrate and shorten the life of the fan. When serious, the fan can not work properly.In particular, the wear of the fan blade is the most serious, which not only damages the flow characteristics in the fan, but also causes the blade fracture and the flying car and other major accidents.

Transmission parts wear a universal problem is also a fan, including all kinds of shaft, roller, reducer, motor, pump, such as bearing, bearing, slotting and thread etc, the traditional processing method is easy to cause material damage, deformation or fracture cause parts, has great limitations;Brush plating and spraying to machining methods often need to outsourcing, not only repair cycle is long, the cost is high, and because of repair materials or metal materials, can not fundamentally solve the causes of the wear and tear (metal poor impact resistant ability, and rolled back);Many parts can only be scrapped and replaced, which greatly increases the production cost and inventory spare parts, so that the good resource advantage of the enterprise is idle and wasted.

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