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Principle of Roots Blower

Jan. 12, 2018

Roots blowers are positive displacement blowers, The volume of air delivered is proportional to the number of revolutions.. The two-bladed impeller is sucked and exhausted by one impeller once per rotation. The impeller of the two shafts of the fan and the inner surface of the oval shell, the end face of the impeller and the front and back end covers of the fan and the impeller of the fan keep a slight gap all the time. When the synchronous gear drives the downwind from the air inlet of the fan along the inner wall of the housing Conveyance to the discharge side. Fan cavity does not require lubrication, simple structure, stable operation, stable performance, to adapt to a variety of uses, has been used in a wide range of fields. As the core components of the impeller rotor, its development trend to a large extent determines the development of the fan. Fan rotor machining accuracy directly affects the fan performance; fan rotor machining center asymmetry directly affect the fan life; fan rotor surface quality and rotor profile quality directly affect the fan noise.

Its working principle is to use two or three leaf rotors in the cylinder relative movement to compress and deliver gas rotary compressor. The working principle is as follows:



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