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Reasons and Solutions of High Noise in Positive Displacement Blower

Jan. 05, 2018

Some customers reflect that the positive displacement blower has a lot of noise in the using , why is the noise so large? Is the quality problem of the product itself? Sometimes it is not because of the quality problem of blower, it is possible because the daily maintenance work is not done, now the positive displacement blowers are all low noise, if there is high noise, the positive displacement blower has been a failure. Then what is the cause?

Reasons and Solutions of High Noise in Positive Displacement Blower 

Now I analyze them for you:
1: the pressure is raising caused by pipe blockage, then we need to clean or replace the pipeline
2: the belt cover improper installation causes vibration, then check and reload belt cover on it;
3: the motor bearing wear, replace the new bearings;
4: the dust into positive displacement blower cause damage of the rotor, at this time to repair the rotor; (this needs professional personal, do not disassemble by yourself.)
5: no lubrication oil will lead to high noise, then check the lubrication system;
6: bad lubrication, should always wash the drip nozzle and oil filter;
7: pulley loose, fastening the thimble;
8: V-belt slip, adjust the belt tension.
The above is the reasons and solutions of positive displacement blower has large noise. When positive displacement blower has a large noise, do not worry, first stop the blower and check what is the reason. If It can not find the reasons, please contact with the professional manufacturer as Dacheng Mahcinery. Although the positive displacement blower is strong, daily maintenance work can not be less, this will keep the long service life of blower.

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