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The difference between roots blower and centrifugal blower.

Jan. 12, 2018

1. Different working principles,The use of centrifugal blower fans is curved wind blades,Centrifugal force will pull the gas into the shell. Roots Blower is Using the two 8-shaped blades. The gap between them is very small,Squeeze by two blades,to squeeze the gas out of the air.

2. In the light of Different working principles,They usually work under different pressures,The gas pressure of the roots blower is high,The centrifugal blower fan is smaller.

3. Air volume is different,General roots blower is used in areas where the air volume is small but the pressure is relatively large. The Centrifugal blower fans are used in places where pressure is low and air volume is high.

4. Manufacturing accuracy is different. The accuracy of the roots blower is very high,  assembly requirement is also stricthe .The centrifugal fan is relatively loose .


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