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The operation instructions of the blower

Jan. 12, 2018

1:Transport medium inlet steam temperature is usually not more than 40 ℃.

2:The content of particles in the medium shall not exceed 100mg/m3,The maximum size of the particle shall not exceed half of the minimum work clearance.

3:Running in the bearing temperature is not higher than 95 ℃,Lubricating oil temperature is not higher than 65 ℃.

4:Pressure cannot be higher than the range of pressure specified on the nameplate.

5:Roots blower impeller and casing,Impeller and side plate,The impeller and impeller clearance have been adjusted when they leave the factory,Make sure there are gaps when reassembling.

6:The rotz blower runs, main fuel tank, The oil level of the drop tank must be between two red lines in the oil level


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