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What is the storage method of the three leaf roots blower?

Apr. 16, 2018

1. Before storage, make sure the fan machine is running properly, it's recommended to run first. If abnormal sound occurs or the motor is hot, the shell has static electricity, switch tripping or unable to start and so on. Always check in time and fix it immediately. Confirmation of no abnormal seal up for ssafekeeping and storage.

2. The storage environment is demanding, not all locations can be used as storage. It is recommended to store in a neat and clean workshop or space, at the same time, but also often to the threeleaf roots blower for cleaning, clean up the dust and so on. Ensure the appearance and outlet of the fan. The fan is not suitable for storage in damp environment. Easy to short circuit, rain prevention measures should be taken.

3. Replace and replenish lubricants regularly. The fan should be changed regularly even if it is not in use for maintenance, especially the bearings and other parts of the threeleaf roots blower. Refer to the four core component maintenance rules of roots blower. Make sure ensure good operation again.


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