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About vacuum packing blower.

Dec. 17, 2018

Check the tightness of the various parts of the blower and whether the positioning pins are loose. Check the inside of the body for no oil leakage, and there is no scaling, rust, or peeling. Pay attention to whether the lubrication and heat dissipation conditions are normal and pay attention to the quality of the lubricant. Always listen to the blower for noise or not. Note whether the unit is operating under conditions that are not in compliance with the regulations, and pay attention to adding butter regularly. Vacuum blower overload, sometimes not immediately displayed, so pay attention to the inlet and exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and motor current increase trend to determine whether the machine is operating normally. After the new machine or overhauled blower, the fuel tank should be cleaned and put into operation according to the use procedure. The above is the introduction of the blower.


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