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What is the cause of the excessive pressure of the Roots blower?

Dec. 23, 2018

Roots blower pressure is too high

1. The pressure of the Roots blower depends on the resistance it receives, and it can work normally as long as it can withstand the pressure range. For example, in a pond with a water depth of 2 meters, the pressure of the air blown is 20 kPa. At 3 meters deep, the pond becomes 30 kPa. As long as the motor output power can reach the load.

2. If the pressure displayed by the pressure gauge is greater than the pressure that should be output, it may be caused by blockage of the pipeline or blockage of the aeration head.


Roots blower causes large motor current

1. Compared with the specified pressure, the pressure difference is large, that is, the back pressure or the inlet pressure is high.

2. Compared with the flow required by the equipment, the fan flow is too large, so the pressure increases.

3, The import filter is blocked, the export pipeline is blocked or blocked.

4. The rotating parts touch and rub (clamp).


Roots blower pressure is too large solution

1. Reduce the pressure to the specified value.

2. Put excess gas into the atmosphere or reduce the blower speed.

3. Remove obstacles.

4. Stop immediately and check the cause.

5. Adjust the oil level to the correct position.

6. Check the belt tension and replace it with a large diameter pulley.


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