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Analysis of vibration failure of roots blower

Jan. 12, 2018

Roots blower to run the whole machine vibration fault will bring certain influence, therefore, of roots blower vibration fault briskly, article mainly discusses the causes for vibration of roots blower.

Analysis of vibration failure of roots blower

The vibration fault of roots blower is analyzed.

1. Characteristics of roots blower.

Roots blower is a kind of high speed rotating machinery, the characteristics of roots blower is more complex, there are many reasons for the vibration failure of roots blower, and the specific ones are :(1) the operating condition of the fan.(2) the roots blower itself has design defects.(3) support system, etc. The three problems described above are the key to the vibration of roots blower.Generally, roots blower vibration can be divided into two categories :(1) fluid induced vibration.(2) mechanical vibration.

2. Causes of fluid induced vibration.

In general, there are two main reasons for the abnormal roots of roots blower :(1) the design features of the roots blower itself are not good enough.(2) roots blower is in abnormal condition during operation.Fluid induced vibration is generated after the surge occurred and at this point, the flow of roots blower will appear unstable phenomenon, instability accompanied by periodic change, surge fault judgment is based on the following three aspects to judgment, respectively is: (1) the frequency of vibration.(2) vibration.(3) flow theory and so on.Practical exploration of relevant scholars found that the surge phenomenon is commonly occur in the roots blower and quantity reduced suddenly, when the phone is switched on surge to the injury of the roots blower is very big, must be resolved in a timely manner.

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