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Knowledge of the roots blower

Jan. 12, 2018

Principle: Roots blower is a volume rotary machine, using two leaf shape in the relative movement of the cylinder to compress and transport gas rotary compressor. The compressor keeps the two rotor meshed by the synchronous gear at the shaft end of the rotor. On the rotor surface and the inner wall of the cylinder of each concave composition of the volume of work, take the gas from the suction port in the rotating process, when the instantaneous shift to the exhaust port and the exhaust port is communicated with the nearby gas with high pressure, due to reflux, then the working volume of a sudden increase in pressure, then the gas is pumped into the exhaust channel. The two rotors work alternately in turn. The two rotors do not contact each other, and they are sealed by the tight control clearance, so the exhaust gas is not contaminated by the lubricating oil.

Knowledge of the roots blower

Structure: The blower structure is simple, easy to manufacture, suitable for low pressure occasions of gas transmission and pressurization, can also be used as vacuum pumps. Due to periodic suction, exhaust and instantaneous equal volume compression, the velocity and pressure of gas flow will be fluctuating, which will lead to greater aerodynamic noise. In addition, the clearance between the rotor and the rotor and the cylinder will cause gas leakage, thus reducing the efficiency. The exhaust rate of Roots blower is 0.15 ~ 150 meters (/ min) and the speed is 150~3000 rpm. The single-stage pressure ratio is usually less than 1.7, and the maximum is 2.1, which can be used in series.

Features: The biggest characteristic is that when the pressure is adjusted in the allowable range, the flow rate has little change, the pressure selection range is very wide, and it has the characteristics of forced gas transmission. The medium is not oily during transportation. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, long service life and small vibration.

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