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Clearance adjustment of roots blower

Jan. 12, 2018

1. Adjustment of the clearance of the casing: it is guaranteed by the positioning pin hole of the casing and wall plate, because it must not damage the positioning pin hole when removing the fan.

Impeller - casing


2, the adjustment of the impeller, the impeller clearance: has returned to the impeller clearance diagram position, aim the driven gear driving gear mark pressure into the shaft, in turn into gear ring, locking washers and lock nut, and put the lock nut a little tight.Turn the impeller in a circle. If you can't turn it, turn the impeller to make contact. Gently tap the interstitial area of the impeller with a copper rod to make the gears and shafts

The cone coordinate with relative movement to achieve the purpose of adjusting impeller clearance.When the impeller - impeller clearance conforms to the regulation value, lock the gear.

Impeller - impeller


Clearance adjustment of roots blower

3, impeller, wallboard axial clearance adjustment: when the assembly panel should first ensure that the axial clearance C + D (adjust the casing gasket thickness), and four groups of adjusting screw on the front panel of impeller shaft to the position adjustment, ensure the distribution of the clearance between C and D on both ends.

Impeller - front wall panel


Impeller - back wall


When adjusting the bolt, it should be carried out in the case of the pressure plate bolt, or it will damage the adjusting bolt.

Six.Install pulley, belt.

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