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What are the causes of the roots blower motor

Jan. 12, 2018

1.Motor lack phase operation

This is a killer of three-phase asynchronous motor, the motor when the normal operation of the three-phase load is balanced load, therefore Three phase current balance basically, equal, if in the operation of the motor open phase (three-phase winding Ren Yixiang disconnect phenomenon called phase), the fan will get bigger, abnormal sound, vibration speed drop, current is added, the motor temperature will rise sharply, leading to motor burn out, the quality of general motors will burn up to ten minutes.The most terrible is the lack of the power supply system, plus a lot of equipment is latching switch or open automatically, such as fan, water pump, a blackout after the accident of lack of phase or sending again may burn a dozen motor.

What are the causes of the roots blower motor

2. Bearing damage

Because the fan run continuously for a long time running temperature rise too high, because the motor ontology and added bearing grease bearing oil shortage until bearing damage, not in time there will be a shaft bending, the phenomenon such as fracture belt, the fixed, rotor friction (commonly known as sweep chamber) core temperature rise sharply, burning trough the turn-to-turn insulation, insulation, from surface to cause winding interturn short circuit or to ground "shooting".When serious, it can cause the stator core to be inverted, dislocation, shaft wear, end cover scrapping, etc.

3. When the wind valve closes, it will cause overload and burnout

The wind valve has not been opened or opened since the fan started.In this case, the fan is running, causing the temperature of the motor's body to rise sharply until it is burnt.After the air outlet or the air valve is reset, the fan is not closed in time, and the fan is running in this situation, which can cause the temperature of the motor's body to rise sharply until it is burnt.

4, be affected with damp be affected with damp

It is also common cause of damage due to low insulation of power distribution cabinet or motor water or dampness, but there is no way to protect it.Only use medium attention and regular shake insulation.Drying and repainting can be resolved before the motor is unexploded.Especially with the motor driven by inverter, it is more important to be careful with this, otherwise it may be an expense for the converter.                                                 

5, the other

Also is not very common reason: if the voltage is too low or too high, vibrating loose terminal phase fault, pest damage, imported motor voltage and voltage don't match the motor (such as Japan).All kinds of decompression starting circuits are not converted, the time of the captain is low pressure and so on.

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