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Correct installation method of melt blown cloth Roots Blower

Apr. 25, 2020

Correct installation method of meltblown Roots Blower

1. Clean the working foundation for concrete structure surface and check its levelness. If it is not in accordance with the law, the uneven part can be leveled.


2. Put the base of the melt blown roots blower on the base, and insert the sizing block between the base and the base, the gap only needs to ensure the mortar flow in.. use this sizing block to adjust the levelness, so that the base of the roots blower is in the absolute level.


3. For the installation of general roots blower, several rectangular angles of different thickness can be prepared (the steel adjustment of the block is overlapped. When installing the melt blown roots blower, it is important, because the requirement of water high levelness should be that it adopts the upper and lower group adjustment of the inclination angle. The coupling of the roots blower using the coupling driver can be used to check, adjust the water level later, and then fix it by welding. The bolts are inserted on both sides of the angle, during which the water is leveled electrically, and the adjusting bolts are also used to adjust the vibration.


4. The anchor bolt hole through which the anchor bolt can be installed shall be perpendicular to the square hole for the anchor bolt.


5. Sufficient mortar shall be poured for the holes used for foundation bolts and the gap between foundation and foundation concrete to ensure the strength of concrete structure.

Important installation or high accuracy requirements for melt blown roots blowers shall be embedded in the mortar man's first anchor bolt filling hole, waiting until fully hardened, readjusted, adjusted to the water level after reaching the installation accuracy, and then poured into the base between the gap between the mortar and the concrete foundation.


6. After the mortar is fully hardened, tighten and check the nuts of the foundation mounting bolts.

Correct installation method of meltblown Roots Blower

Correct installation method of meltblown Roots Blower

Correct installation method of meltblown Roots Blower

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