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Application of Roots blower in aquaculture oxygenation

May. 15, 2021

Application of Roots blower in aquaculture oxygenation

The roots blower is an indispensable equipment for aquaculture farmers. The roots blower is used to increase oxygen at the bottom of the pond. The air is emitted upward from the microporous aeration pipe. The outlet gas is uniform, and the dissolved oxygen concentration is high. The aerated roots blower can not only provide the oxygen needed by fish (shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, etc.), but also promote the oxidation and decomposition of organic matter in the pond, promote the up-down convection in the pond, increase the dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer, and reduce the harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the bottom layer, so as to improve the water quality, improve the fish habitat environment, improve the fish physique, enhance the vitality, and promote production, Increase production.

It is mainly composed of Roots blower, main pipe, auxiliary pipe, microporous aeration pipe and auxiliary accessories. The main features are as follows:

1. High efficiency oxygen storage: due to the bubbles produced by ultra-fine pore aeration, the contact surface with water in the water body is very large, the floating velocity is low, and the contact time is long, so the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen is very high, which is convenient for high-density aquaculture. With the increase of oxygen at the bottom of the static water, the dissolved oxygen in the whole water body will be sufficient, the activity ability of aquaculture objects in each layer of the water body will be improved, the appetite of fish will be increased, the breeding cycle will be shortened, and the conditions for increasing the biological load of the water body will be created.

2. Activating water body: microporous aeration aeration device is like turning the water body into a billion slowly flowing rivers. Sufficient dissolved oxygen enables the water body to establish a natural ecosystem and make the water live.

3. Restore the self purification function of water body: microporous aeration is bottom oxygenation, while other oxygenation is surface oxygenation. Aquaculture water body is mainly lack of oxygen at the bottom of the water, and difficult to solve organic matter such as sludge, organic excreta and residual deteriorated bait deposited at the bottom of the water body will consume a lot of oxygen, and sufficient microporous aeration can transform it into organic matter dissolved and decomposed by microorganisms, The self purification function of water body can be restored. Aquaculture roots blower improves the ecological environment of aquaculture waters. The roots blower for aquaculture has a wide range of aeration at the bottom of the water body. Fully oxidize and decompose organic matter, nitrite and other harmful substances. Eliminate harmful and toxic gases in water. So as to improve the water quality, create a suitable living environment for fish, shrimp and crab, and reduce the probability of fish (shrimp, crab) diseases.

Application of Roots blower in aquaculture oxygenation

4. Ultra low energy consumption: Roots blower is characterized by simple operation, convenient maintenance, good performance, long service life and small vibration amplitude. Roots blower has been proved to have a good effect of oxygen increasing. Due to the use of microporous aeration device, the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen is very high, so that the dissolved oxygen per unit water body quickly reaches about 4.5mg/l, less than a quarter of the energy consumption of water truck or impeller, which can greatly save the electricity cost of farmers. Different power blowers can be configured according to different waters. Roots blower can achieve single pond aeration, double pond aeration and multi pond aeration, and the main pipeline and bypass pipeline are easy to connect and replace.

5. To realize ecological aquaculture and ensure aquaculture benefits: the continuous micro pore aeration provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, the self purification ability of the water body can be restored and improved, the natural balance of bacterial phase and algae phase can be established, the natural ecology of the water body can be built, the survival ability of the aquaculture population can be steadily improved, and the aquaculture benefits can be fully guaranteed.

6. Safety, environmental protection and convenient maintenance: the microporous aeration aerator installed on the shore has good safety performance, will not bring any pollution to the water body, and is easy to maintain, there will be no leakage in the water. Compared with the traditional aerator, the aquaculture roots blower adopts microporous aeration, microporous aeration is in the water pipeline, the power engine is on the shore, and there is no leakage The possibility of leakage.

Application of Roots blower in aquaculture oxygenation

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