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The speed knowledge of roots blower

Jan. 12, 2018

Roots blower of the air pressure is not restricted by the fan speed, no matter how the wind speed changes can remain the same. And the air volume is proportional to the fan speed, namely Q = KN Q: said air N: for fan speed K: from the formula for coefficient, the air volume adjustment, entirely by the frequency converter to change motor to achieve stepless speed change, rise to adjust the effect of air volume. According to field application technology fan of the low-frequency 15 hz, usually around 35 hz, have individual moment 50 hz full airflow run, due to the shaft kiln process is consistent with the basic, so in the different amount of shaft kiln air regulation is basically the same, all the application of frequency conversion technology can jet won about 40% of the energy saving effect. Roots blower a constant torque load, the power saving rate is proportional to the droop or N % = delta N %, though different from general fan and water pump power saving rate is higher, but because of its power is larger, but not bad, as long as the furnace wall is continuous 24 hours work, and start the time also is very long.

The speed knowledge of roots blower

Normally, the rots fan is not allowed to be reversed (because the air inlet is different from the clearance of the vent), so the rots fan needs to set the one-way valve at the exhaust end.Roots blower is also allow the wind from the input to the pipeline system, roots blower to prevent sudden stop, and the effect of system pressure system of gas received, roots blower roots blower flow impact caused inversion, damage the roots blower.Roots blower in addition, several parallel operation, assuming that one of them does not work, then check valve can also prevent exhaust the gas through the machine does not use roots blower, caused the damage of inversion.

The steps to adjust the relief valve are as follows:

(1) First, start the roots blower, observe the pressure gauge, and tighten the gate valve, making the pressure exceed 10% of the set pressure.

(2) Then loosen the lock nut and rotate the adjusting lever counterclockwise until the air is discharged from the relief valve.

(3) In the process of tightening the gate valve, if has not yet reached the fan set pressure, the relief valve has ruled out air, again turn adjusting screw clockwise, until not rule out the air, and then turn adjusting screw counterclockwise, arrive to rule out the air.

(4) Tighten the lock nut and adjust the nut.

(5) Finally release the gate valve.

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