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DH-25S Rotary Blower

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Product Description

Product introduce

DH-25S Rotary Blowers are rotary vane type blowers. The main characteristic of our air blower is small volume, light weight, flow strong, noise small, steadily reliable operation.

Its air capacity is 0.225m3/min- 0.278m3/min, the pressure is from 9.8Kpa to 49Kpa. 



● Small size, large air volume, low noise, energy saving.

● smooth operation, easy installation.

● anti-load changes, air volume stability.

● attached to the air chamber, a smooth air.

● excellent material, smart structure, high performance.

● simple maintenance, less failure, long service life.


Type of technologyRotary vane blowers
DesignRotary vane
Air capacity

0.225 to 0.278 m3/min

Discharge Pressure9.8 to 49Kpa
MediumAir, Neutral gases
Discharge Diameter20mm(or customized)

Water treatment aeration
Hospital, laboratory wastewater aeration
Printing industry for vacuum feed
Plating tank, industrial sewage aeration
Plastic welding air supply
Burner spray, glass industry and others.


Air filter

Air room

Drip nozzle

Safety valve

Check valve

Exit pressure gauge

Base and fuel tank

Shock absorber


Anchor bolts

Connecting bolts

Lubricating oil



Fumigation free plywood case

Iron case


CE certificate, ISO9001 certificate and SGS certificate.

DSR350 Roots Blower

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